Conferencia: 'Introduction to Prognostics for Electronics, case studies'

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Fecha: martes, 12 de abril de 2016
Hora: 16:00-18:00
Lugar: Aula 9 del Edificio de Nuevas Tecnologías
Ponente: José R. Celaya. Senior Data Scientist en el Software Technology and Innovation Center de Schlumberger, Menlo Park, California, EEUU.

This talk focuses on prognostics applied to electronics systems, particularly components typical of power electronics systems. A brief introduction of prognostics concepts is presented, followed by a series of case studies on power transistors and capacitors. The talk concludes with recommendations on how to approach prognostics for electronics.

Breve CV

José R. Celaya is a Senior Data Scientist in the Software Technology and Innovation Center at Schlumberger, Menlo Park, CA, USA. Previously, he was a research scientist with SGT Inc., a senior member in the Prognostics Center of Excellence, and the Diagnostics and Prognostics Group Co-Lead at NASA Ames Research Center. He received a Ph.D. degree in Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems in 2008, a M. E. degree in Operations Research and Statistics in 2008, a M. S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2003, all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy New York; and a B. S. in Cybernetics Engineering in 2001 from CETYS University, México.